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Anita Baker Tour
Groove Sessions

Anita Baker’s Final Farewell In Music With an Upcoming Tour Kicking Off in March

By On January 3, 2018

Farewell Forever? How can you not recognize her sultry voice? It’s unforgettable and truly one of a kind. Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Ms. Baker will be 60 years old this year with… Read More

Groove Sessions

You Ever Heard of Song Mashups? Meet the Mashup King Raheem D

By On December 5, 2017

Meet Raheem D Yesterday while scrolling through Facebook I came across an interesting video. To say the least I was impressed, not to mention the video had 2.3million views. Well Meet Raheem… Read More

Groove Sessions

Remember These Two Dancers (KYNTAY) From Their “Panda” Choreography…Are Back With More

By On November 24, 2017

Taylor Hatala & Kyndall Harris   Can dance to anything. These two talented dancers took over the internet last year when they became internet sensations racking up 12.5 million views on Youtube.… Read More

Groove Sessions

6lack adds Bonus songs to “Free 6lack” Listen Here

By On November 14, 2017

6lack : It’s Pronounced Black   It’s been awhile since 6lack released his debut album and I still listen to it like it just dropped today! All the notoriety and fans 6lack… Read More

Groove Sessions

Listen To Joanne The Scammer: Playlist For A Heist Here

By On November 1, 2017

Caucasity At Its Best! By now if you’ve been on social media you’ve seen Joanne The Scammer everywhere! Gracing red carpets and all! Branden Miller aka Joanne The Scammer and many people… Read More

Groove Sessions

Is Kanye Back? Listen to Cyhi Da Prince featuring Kanye West “Dat Side”

By On November 1, 2017

Maybe Ye is back! I wouldn’t get my hopes up but musically in 2017 Ye'(Kanye) has been unusually quite. Last year we all know about the incident and him cancelling the rest… Read More

Groove Sessions

Listen Here: Sabrina Claudio ft. 6lack “Belong to You Remix”

By On October 16, 2017

Meet Sabrina Claudio Her soft voice will have you hanging on to every lyric and note that eloquently leaves her mouth. If you are just being introduced to Sabrina her music will be… Read More

Groove Sessions

Jazmine Sullivan X Bryson Tiller X Insecure Watch New Video Here

By On September 30, 2017

Season 2 of Insecure  Hit fans with not only new music but a damn good album to match! One of my favorite songs that were played in one of the last episodes… Read More

Groove Sessions

Thank Me Later: Meet The Melodious Beauty Raven Lenae

By On April 5, 2017

Inhale the Tone   Smooth and melodious there is breath of fresh air that you will feel listening to Ravyn Lenae. One of the best things about this artist is that you… Read More

Groove Sessions

6lack: Truth Serum & Self Worth wrapped in #Free6lack Listen Here!

By On March 22, 2017

6lack : It’s Pronounced Black Four months late to the party and I can’t get 6lack’s music out of my head! Standing out with his own way of doing things 6lack deserves… Read More